Normalize Grief. So we all feel less alone in it.

Lonely. When I first lost my dad, the best way I could describe my grief was lonely. I felt alone. Yes, even with those family and friends who were grieving with me. Grief is a universal feeling, yet somehow can feel so isolating. After the check-ins stop and it feels like "life goes back to normal" for everyone else, I wondered was there something wrong with me? Was there something wrong with how I grieved?

In the last couple months of 2018, I started my Instagram account, @GlitterAndGrief , as an outlet for my own grief. It turned out that not only did sharing my grief help me, but it seemed to help other grieving as well. #NormalizeGrief is a movement from grievers for grievers, which helps normalize the grieving process. No, you're not crazy, you're just feeling. Normalizing grief helps us feel less alone in it all. The purpose of is to help facilitate that discussion. To start the process on sharing our own grief journeys, so we all feel a little less alone it it. Please use the navigation to read more.