Normalize Grief. So we all feel less alone in it.

You might have found yourself here and are wondering, what does normalize grief even mean or you may already be a part of the movement. For me, normalizing grief is about being able to talk about our loved ones, life after loss, and grief without things getting weird. However, we live in a society where talking about our losses and grief is still a bit taboo.

The purpose of is to help facilitate that discussion. To start the process on sharing our own grief journeys, so we all feel a little less alone it it. To get started, I've broken several grieving topics down into the following:

Grief is sad, but it's so much more than feeling sad. Often times people think grief of being temporary sadness after losing someone you love... but grief is just so much more than that. In this section, we will discuss the variety of emotions and feelings associated with the grieving process, such as, anger, anxiety, loneliness, numbness, and even happiness.

We all grieve differently.

Grief is universal, yet so unique. Every loss will have a different grief because every relationship is different. You can lose the same person, and still grieve differently. You can experience the same type of loss, and still grieve differently. You can experience multiple losses, and each loss will be different. For further discussion on grieving differently click here.

What not to say to someone grieving

In a society where grief isn't discussed... it's not surprising we say some grief clichés that may hurt the griever more than help. I think for the most part though, people want to be there, support a griever, and help. Sometimes... they think the following is helping. This is an opinion piece I call, "what not to say to someone grieving." To read examples and continue the discussion click here.

I'm so sorry you're here. Really. I think that is the one part of being a member of this "grief club" is you just get it. Backing up a bit... what is the grief club you might be asking? Well the grief club is an automatic membership after losing someone you love. Somehow, we feel bonded to people we never even met over our grief and loss. I get it. You get it. We just all get it. For a list of resources please check out: New To The Grief Club?

Coping. So often misunderstood because it gets misinterpreted as moving on. But coping is your ability your ability to function in day to day life or find even happiness among your grief. It doesn't mean you're okay with their death, it just means you're learning to cope with such a significant loss. For further discussion regarding coping and grief click here.

Grief may change, but that doesn't mean it goes away.

Are you are wanting to share you own grief journey and help us all #normalizegrief? If so, check out my tips and tricks page on how to create your own "grief account" and join the online grief community. I'll provide some tips to setting up your account, insight into the applications I use to create my posts, and provide free templates you can use to get your started sharing your grief.