Grief and Anxiety

When Grief Meets Anxiety.

Grief and anxiety. I haven't share much about my grief story on this website, but I lost my dad unexpectedly when I was 23 years old. He was only 52. What resulted after was what I referred to as "grief induced anxiety" by no means am I claiming to be a medical professional, it's just how I can best describe the feeling. I was so worried I was going to lose more people I loved because the reality off mortality became all to real.

Grieving and anxiety quotes
when grief meets anxiety quote
worried about losing more people you love after a loss in the family, grief quotes

Examples of Anxiety in Grief:

  • Anxiety not knowing if you'll lose more people you love.

  • Anxiety related to an unexpected death.

  • Anxiety not knowing what happens after this life.

  • Anxiety feeling like people are judging the way you're grieving.

  • Anxiety not knowing how much time you have left.

  • Anxiety not knowing how to live a life without your loved one.

grieving and anxiety quote

"I can't lose anyone else."

It feels like after a loved one passes, there is this sudden fear that another person you love will pass away. I called in grief induced anxiety, but I'm not sure if there is an actual name for this feeling. It's just a new worry, because the thought of losing anyone else feels like too much to handle.

Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Grief

  • Seek professional help. I'm a big fan of therapy and my first suggestion will always be to seek out a professional if you need it.

  • Speak about your anxieties with others. Friends, grief support group, family, anyone who will listen. You do not have to experience this alone.

  • Write it out. My personal coping mechanism of choice is to write. It helps getting the feelings in my head onto paper.

  • Try relaxation techniques. There are a lot of apps that teach you breathing exercises, meditation, and ways to calm your mind.