Writing Prompts

Grief doesn't have a timeline. Grief journal writing prompt.

Example Post: Do you think grief has a timeline?

  • Have you felt pressured to "move on" from your grief?

  • Did you believe time heals all wounds prior to your loss?

  • Has your grief changed with time? How?

25 Grieving Writing Prompts

  1. What are you feeling right now? Write a letter to that emotion. For example “Dear Guilt.” How does it make you feel? What would you like to say to that emotion?

  2. Make a list of all the emotions you’ve felt during grief. What surprised you? What emotions do you feel society doesn’t associate with grief.

  3. Have you felt “forced acceptance”? To me, it occurred when I left my loved one at the hospital and again at the funeral. It’s like being forced continue life without them though you don’t want to.

  4. Have you experienced anxiety after grief? For me, I had a fear of losing more people I loved. Can you relate? What have you felt anxious about?

  5. What coping mechanisms actually work for you? What coping mechanisms would you like to try?

  6. People tend to say “gratitude and grief.” Does that annoy you? If able, tell us somethings you are thankful for. Do you believe you can be thankful for what you have and still mourn all you’ve lost?

  7. How is your grief different in public and when you’re at home?

  8. Do you have a good grief support system? Have you noticed a change after a couple weeks? Months? Years?

  9. Who in your life understands and relates to your grief the most?

  10. Have you experienced multiple losses? How were they the same and different in the ways your grief manifested?

  11. Grief doesn’t need to have a silver lining, but have you learned anything about life, yourself, or whatever since experiencing loss? Did anything significant changes occur?

  12. Tell us positive things going on in your life. Why? Well, we often miss sharing those things with our loved ones. It’s okay to still experience good things. Share it too!

  13. Name three people who have helped you in your grief. What would you say to them?

  14. Let’s talk grief triggers. What are big ones for you? Small ones? Songs? Dates? Smells? What holidays trigger your grief?

  15. Sometimes I call my grief... a grief monster or blob. How would you describe yours?

  16. What advice would you have for someone newly grieving? What do you wish someone would have told you about grief?

  17. Do you have a bucket list? Are there things you want to do in life now in honor of your loved one?

  18. Is grief physical? Like have you felt it physically within your body?

  19. Share your “grief playlist.” What songs help with your grief or just resonate with it.

  20. Have you had grief dreams? Do you speak with your loved one in them?

  21. Have you tried using a psychic medium or another spiritual method to connect with a loved one?

  22. Is there anything you need to forgive for? Your loved one? Yourself? A time together?

  23. Have you wrote letters to your loved one after they passed? If not, what would you want to say to them right now?

  24. Tell us the worst grief advice or clichés you’ve heard.

  25. Lastly, do you believe your grief and happiness can coexist?

Hey griever. Grief writing prompts for journal entries

Example Post: What would you tell fellow grievers?

  • Any advice you'd share to someone who just lost a loved one?

  • What do you wish you would have known?

  • What have you learned about your own grief?