Normalize Grief.

Grief is still taboo. Sometimes grief still makes people uncomfotable.

Share Your Grief. Normalize Grief.

Sometimes the mention of grief, loss, and death still makes people uncomfortable. I think as a society we tend to ignore these subjects until we ourselves are experiencing it. Since I launched my grief Instagram account @GlitterAndGrief back in November 2018, I've seen our little grief community grow. Grief is finally getting a voice. If you're wanting to share you grief too, I'd like to help in anyway I can. Why? Well sharing our grief helps both ourselves and others feel less alone in all of this.

Grief Instagram Accounts, grieving on social media

Creating a Grief Instagram Account.

Grieving on social media can be really helpful, as I've said it seems to help both the griever and the community feel less alone in their grief. Sharing your grief may help you heal, build a support system, and provide an outlet... however please be mindful:

  • The number of followers or likes you have does not measure the validity of your grief.

  • People tend to compare themselves on social media to others. Please try not to compare your own grief. It's not healthy to compete in grief.

  • You're allowed to grieve however you grieve. Not everyone will resonate with your grief and that's okay because we all grieve differently.

Below I've created four steps I think would be useful if you're interested in sharing your own grief via a social media account. Click to expand each step. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, I've provided free templates to help you express your own grief.

How to Create a Grief Instagram Account (Start Here)

Hello. I’m Christie, better known as @GlitterAndGrief on Instagram. I created my “grief account” back in November 2018. Why? Well, my dad had passed away in 2016 and I was at a weird point in my grief journey. Grief wasn’t talked about and I felt like my loss was all but forgotten after 2 years. It was lonely. So, I reached out to the internet and to my surprise a “grief community” existed. From 2018 to now, I’ve been sharing my grief, connecting with others, and feeling like the internet is truly helping grievers feel less alone.

My hope with #NormalizeGrief is to continue this movement to get society talking about grief and if you’ve found your way onto this page let me start by expressing my condolences. I mean it. Nobody wants to be in this club, but we are all here. And if you’re still reading this then there is a part of you that wants to share your grief, your story, and talked about your loved ones too. If your platform of choice is Instagram, let me share some of the tips I’ve learned about sharing grief and some suggestions for tools to help you create your posts.

Step One: Create a Separate Grief Account Username

Now, this is truly a suggestion. I found that having an account separate from my personal Instagram allowed me to talk about grief as much as I wanted. It didn’t feel weird it felt open. The people who follow me want to hear about my grief and my loved one. Grief shouldn’t be taboo to talk about, so that’s why this is merely a suggestion.

3 Reasons I’d suggest to create a grief account:

  • It allows you to speak freely. It’s a dedicated space for your grief.

  • It will help you connect to fellow grievers by making it easier to identify your account as grief support.

  • You can remain anonymous if you’d like to as well. It can be as open or private as you’d like.

Step Two: Finish Your Profile

Upload a profile picture.

I’ve used a personal photo and I’ve also used a cartoon version of me and my grief monster. I think a benefit of a personal photo is people can see you’re a real person. If your page is sharing your own grief, it gives it a face. I don’t use my own photo anymore, but from time to time I’ll make a Reel or share personal photos too. You can also create a logo if you’re focus is more so to create a grief community than to share your own story.

Add to your bio.

Who are you? Who are you grieving? When did you lose them? These are just suggestions, but one thing I’ve realized is all grief is different. It’s a place where you can explain your perspective, where is your grief coming from. I’ve changed my bio recently but for a long time it read, “🏻 Lost my dad to sepsis when I was 23.” You’d be surprised how many direct messages (DMs) I received in relation to this one message. Sepsis was a connection and losing dads was a connection fellow grievers had a bond with on their own journeys.

Step Three: Connect with the Grief Community

Tip #1: Follow fellow grief accounts.

I follow both “large” and “small” grief accounts. I follow accounts that have created communities, accounts that share their own grief, and even some grief related businesses.

There are a couple reasons I’d suggest following some accounts before you even create your own content.

  1. You can follow grievers who have lost the same type of loss as you. It’ll still be a different journey, but the main reason I created my account was to feel less alone. Reading other people’s journeys helps feel less alone (that’s why you’re creating your page too I believe! To help yourself and help others.)

  2. You can see how others express their grief. There are authors who have written books and share passages. Grievers who share mostly photos of their loved ones with insightful and heartbreaking captions. People who share and repost grief quotes. Create grief art. Make reels or TikToks. And those who use graphic design tools to create their posts. It’ll help you decide how you want to express your own on your page.

  3. You can make genuine connections. Comment, like, talk about their loss, and talk about your own. It’s what this grief community is really about.

Tip #2: Follow grief related hashtags.

They will pop up on your home page, but you’re also able to just search for a hashtag.

Here are some general hashtags I’d suggest following or searching for:

  1. #Grief

  2. #GriefQuotes

  3. #Grieving

  4. #GriefJourney

  5. #GriefSupport

Now, in addition to that... who do you want to connect with? I know I’ve hash-tagged #missyouDad because well I miss my dad. The common one for dads is #deaddadclubs. So, I’d start by thinking what subset of the grief community you’re wanting to connect with... some I’ve seen are... #widow #motherlessdaughters #lifeafterloss #petloss and #childloss. Again, that will be dependent on who you want to connect with and what posts you’d like to see. That being said, I follow all types of different losses and journeys. I can’t relate to everyone, but we’ve built connections regardless and something they say resonates with my own grief in a different way.

Step Four: Create your Own Grief Content

Tip #1: Find an App to Create Posts

I started off using Canva and I have since switched to Pocket Procreate. You can use whatever is easiest for you. For beginners I’d suggest starting with Canva.

Using Canva:

These are just some guides. Ultimately it’s a learning curve. The basics you’ll need are a background and text. You really don’t need much more to express you grief, other than your words. They have templates you’re able to type into and you can add graphics.

Here are some of my posts I’ve created by using Canva:

Using Pocket Procreate:

Unlike Canva this app isn’t free and I think online available on apple devices. This is my app of choice though. All my newest postings have been created in here. I like to express my grief best with words. It’s easy to download fonts and paint backgrounds.

Here are some posts I’ve made with Pocket:

As I mentioned earlier I like being able to download fonts. You can actually do it on your phone! I find my fonts on but there are a lot of websites you can use if you google free fonts to download. You’re able to use them in the app.

As far as drawing goes, I have been using myself to learn how to navigate the tool. She provides free color schemes, tutorials, graphics. An example of a tutorial I followed/ modified to meet page was this post:

Tip #2: Grief Writing Ideas To Get You Started

Or check out my 25 Grief Writing Prompts page.

  1. Introduction post. Tell us about yourself and your loss. Why did you create the page.

  2. Grief clichés. What were some phrases said to you that just weren’t helpful. How did you react to them?

    • They wouldn’t want you to be sad.

    • They’re in a better place.

    • Time heals all wounds.

  3. What is your favorite memory? What’s a big one and what’s a small one? What do you find yourself missing most about them.

  4. Do you keep anything? Voicemails? Jewelry? Is their something physical you hang onto to feel connected to them?

  5. Bereavement Leave. Seems nonexistent but tell us how it was having to adjust going back to work.

  6. What is your “grief cycle”? Do you find yourself cycling through emotions? Anger, numb, sad, hopeful, guilt, nothing, everything? What emotions have you felt you didn’t realize was grief until now?

  7. Do you listen to any songs that help with your grief? What songs speak to you?

  8. Do you grieve what was or what can no longer be more?

  9. How is your family after your loss? Did it being you closer or has it created more distance?

  10. Any advice for someone newly grieving a loss?

How will you #NormalizeGrief?

Use the hashtag. Share your story. Connect with others. And please please please only share what you’re ready to share. This is meant to be helpful. Social media however can be hurtful, please be mindful. Keep your grief and your own mindset as a top priority. Share as much or as little as you want. If it’s not helping, delete it. Your grief is never defined by how many likes or follows you have. Your grief is valid. This should be a place to express your grief and help yourself. If it’s not helping, it’s not worth it.

Grief Instagram Template: Hello I miss my _____

Template: Who do you miss?

Hello, I'm grieving because I miss my ________. Fill in the name of your loved one and who they are to you. Just hold the photo to save it to your phone.

Sometimes we don't get to say and share their name and who they are to us as much as we'd like. This template provides a space for you to be able to do so.

For an example post, click the following Instagram link: Link to Instagram.

Four lines that have invalidated your grief.

Reminder: hold the photo to save to your phone. Add text and upload.

In this template, list four lines in the bubbles that have invalidate your grief such as "at least you still have..."

For an example post, click the following Instagram link: Link to Instagram .

Template: Songs on Your Grieving Playlist.

What songs have connected with you and your grief? Any ones you feel like are a direct connection to your loved one? Just hold to save to photo.

Use this to share the name of four songs. For an example post, click the following link: Link to Instagram.

Template: Letter

Feel free to use to write a letter to yourself, your loved one, to new members of the grief club, to an emotion, to your grief monster.

It's blank. Just add text and adjust the size to fit into the top white section of the letter. You should be able to save the image to the left by either clicking or holding it (depending on what device you're using.)

For an example post, check out my letter to the griever during the holiday season by clicking here: Link to Instagram Post

Graphic: Grief Blob

Use this to express a visual representation of grief. It is a blob, a mess, a spiral. Scale it up or down, just a graphic for you to use.

Add text to better explain what you are trying to express with it. Again, just save the image and you should be good to go.

For an example post, check out this post on my Instagram that expresses how grief changes (or doesn't) by clicking here: Link to Instagram Post

Template: Who do you miss?

Hello, I'm grieving because I miss ________. Fill in the name of your loved one.

Sometimes we don't get to say and share their name and who they are to us as much as we'd like. This template provides a space for you to be able to do so.

For an example post, click the following Instagram link: Link to Instagram.

Template: How are you feeling?

A simple question, but often doesn't get asked. Fill in the blank with how you are feeling today.

For an example post and some generated responses, click the following link: Link to Instagram.